How to use Draughts

The Draughts applet can be used either to play against the computer or for two players to play against each other.

Position Notation

A standard draughts notation for numbering positions on the board is used as shown below:


You will see this notation used by the computer when huffing.

Using the End Turn button

When a player has finished taking pieces the End Turn button must be clicked.

This is necessary when taking pieces because it is not the computers role to indicate if more pieces could or could not be taken in the same move. A move that does not take a piece is assumed to have finished as soon as the players piece has made a valid move.

Draughts Options

To see the available options click on the Options/Options menu and you will be presented with the Options dialog box as below:

options dialog box

Auto Player enables you to choose between playing the computer or another player

Huffing enables you to choose whether to play with huffing or not. Some people allow huffing on kings and some don't, so you can select your preference.

New Kings allows you to select if a new king created whilst taking a piece can continue taking pieces in the same move

Speed allows you to change the speed at which pieces are moved.

Huffing your opponent

When the Huff Opponent button is enabled you can attempt to huff your opponent. There is no penalty for an unsuccessful attempt at huffing but only one attempt is allowed.

When you click on the Huff Opponent button a Huff Opponent dialog box appears as below:

Huff Opponent dialog box 1

To huff your opponent click on the piece you are huffing. If the piece has moved from the position where it could have taken one of your pieces click on the piece that has moved NOT on the empty square. You can cancel the huff but only one attempt at huffing is allowed. It is still your turn after an attempt at huffing your opponent.

If you have not correctly huffed your opponent a message Wrongly Huffed appears in the right hand button panel. If you have correctly huffed your opponent a Huff Opponent dialog box appears with the position of the piece you have huffed as below.

Huff Opponent dialog box 2

You can select whether to remove the piece you have huffed or to take back your opponents last move. It is still your turn to make a move.